Economics for Unionists Series

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Public Good campaign is hosting experts in economics to keep us all informed about the public sector. 


Prof Bill Mitchell - Mythbusting Public Debt



Jennifer Doggett - Policy Development Centre, Melbourne

The Public Good was joined by WA Fabians to hear about privatisation in our health system. 



Dr John Quiggin - University of QLD, and Dr Sarah Mosseri - University of Sydney

We heard from two experts in Australia on the pandemic recovery - who is left out, where can investment be better targeted, and what got us here in the first place? 



Dr Alison Pennington - Centre for Future Work

We were joined by Dr Alison Pennington, Senior Economist at the Centre for Future Work, who weighs in on public sector investment and the way forward out of the pandemic-induced recession.



Dr Scott Fitzgerald - Curtin University

Dr Scott Fitzgerald, a public sector researcher at Curtin University, tells us why we need to avoid privatisation in the pandemic recovery and always.  


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