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While the borders are reopening, we are still living through the most extraordinary times. 

Public sector workers kept this state running through the depths of the COVID crisis. As we recover it will be the public sector that provides the stability and long-term strategic direction required to bounce back better. 

When I speak to members, they tell me about the recovery work already underway. Work to support vulnerable people who struggled through the crisis, policy and practice to safeguard our health, planning to ensure the services we rely on can withstand any future challenge.

On Budget Day this year I was disappointed to discover the Government had not invested in public sector jobs. Far worse, the threat of job cuts looms large at the Department of Communities, one of the state’s largest employers and the agency's responsible for our social recovery from COVID-19.

Western Australia cannot afford for public sector workers to be the caveat to the promise made by the McGowan Government of a ‘jobs-led’ recovery.                                                                                        

"Not only do public sector workers spend all day serving the public, their incomes support real households, real businesses and real communities in suburbs and towns across the state.


Rikki Hendon, CSA Secretary

Every public sector job cut is one less worker in a family, one less customer for the local coffee shop, one fewer kid enrolled in the local sports club and one less person to deliver critical services across our state.

After an extraordinary year of service, public sector workers deserve the dignity of job security and fair workloads as they now take on the challenge of leading our recovery.

Now is the time to make it clear to the McGowan Government that a ‘jobs-led’ recovery must include the critical roles played by the real people in their own Departments.

You can share that message by joining the Public Good campaign today. 

Rikki Hendon and CSA Member, Rod respond to the 2020 WA State Budget on behalf of the CSA

Rod’s Story

Over recent months the CPSUCSA has learned that the Department of Communities will conduct a functional review that will certainly lead to job cuts. This review will impact on the individuals who work in those services, their families, and the communities where they live and work. CPSU/CSA member Rod is one of the many Communities staff worried for his job. 

“My team works hard so that front line staff are safe and secure whilst at work. We make sure that they have safe and well-maintained vehicles and the necessary built-form infrastructure to bring services to those most in need.

“I am worried about job losses and what it would mean for my family, my friends and myself. 

“Should I be made redundant at 60 years of age, I’m sure it will be difficult for me to find another job. Particularly when there are people half my age that are looking for jobs and there are 13 people for every job vacancy. 

“Needless to say, if I lost my job I would have to reign in my spending even further than I have at the moment; including going out less, delaying my holidays and the replacement of my ageing motor vehicle. 

“This obviously has a knock-on effect on my local businesses. The decisions of Government obviously have wide repercussions for the whole WA economy.”

If WA is to come back stronger than before; public sector jobs must be protected.

Support the recovery by joining the Public Good campaign today.

Rikki Hendon


Community Public Sector Union - Civil Service Association (CPSU-CSA)

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