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The Public Good is about ensuring quality public services are available for all Western Australians throughout every stage of life, including for vulnerable people. 

We know there is a lot to celebrate about the quality of WA’s public services.

Millions of Western Australians are given the opportunity to thrive in our schools and TAFE. Every Western Australian has access to quality healthcare, even during an emergency. Our water is clean, and our lights are always on. Safe and efficient movement of people and goods through our public roads and public transport networks is important for our economy and allows us to engage in community life, including access to services. And, when there is an accident, emergency, or crisis, it is our public sector that comes to the rescue.  

Key Figures:

People are the purpose of our public sector. People are at the heart of delivering public services.

That’s why we respect and acknowledge all of those across the public sector workforce through fair pay and conditions in healthy and safe workplaces.

At the end of the day, for-profit services are only interested in those that can pay. Public services must be accessible to all. Publicly provided services are also more likely to work with the most vulnerable in our community, as many cannot afford fees for services like private education or healthcare.

There are many tens of thousands of vulnerable people in Western Australia who depend on public services for assistance.

Our campaign is about making sure every State Government department and agency has adequate resourcing and support, so that everyone in our community has opportunities for the future, and access to the services they need.

Our goal is to keep WA’s public sector strong, as we believe public services for all are at the foundation of The Public Good. We campaign to encourage this Labor State Government to continue contributing to a strong public sector in Western Australia.


Rebecca Thompson is Campaign Organiser for The Public Good

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