Five moments in the mismanagement of WA's health system.

The Barnett Government has been responsible for these moments - and more. It was difficult to narrow this list to just five examples. The delivery of our health services has been undermined by mismanagement and privatisation.


 #1. Ambulance ramping times have doubled in the past year...

Ambulance ramping doublesin one year

In the first two weeks of August, ambulances at most Perth public hospitals ramped for almost 2900 hours, more than twice rate at the same time in 2015. more


#2. Almost 20,000 patients waiting for surgery...

Almost 20000 patients on surgery waiting list

According to the Elective Surgery Wait List, Report Western Australian Public Hospitals at the end of June 2016, the number of patients on elective surgery wait lists hit almost 20,000. more

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Save Our Services is a community campaign led by public sector unions that seeks to secure better services for all West Australians. Health and hospitals are key public services, the delivery of which has been undermined by mismanagement and privatisation. How did our health system end up in such a mess?

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#3. Asbestos and lead in the new Perth Children's Hospital...

Asbestos and lead in Perth Children's Hospital

The Perth Children's Hospital could have its own website listing the many issues, problems and just plain disasters that have occurred over the history of its construction - and it hasn't even opened yet more


#4. Serco paid $118m to operate an empty hospital...

118m for no patients

Back in 2014, it emerged that Serco, the private company who was appointed the management contract for Fiona Stanley Hospital was paying for over 200 workers to attend work in a hospital with no patients. more


#5. A $150m IT blowout at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

36m IT blowout

Do you remember when then Under-Treasurer Tim Marney testified before a parliamentary committee that he believed that Fiona Stanley Hospital's beleagured IT problems required an additional $50million to get the system up to scratch? more


The list goes on...(no, we couldn't stop at only five)

Remember the discovery that the WA Government is paying Wilson Parking $500,00 a month to manage unused bays at the Children's Hospital site until it opens?

How can you make a difference?

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