WA’s mental health service crisis

Many factors influence mental ill health – work related stress, road rage and financial worries, among others. As West Australians we pride ourselves on our quality of live. But an independent review of mental health services and new ABS data show that there is a mental health crisis in WA. Meanwhile funding for health services are being cut and privatised. Do something about it here!

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Solving Perth’s congestion crawl

What’s your home to work travel routine? Chances are it involves either crawling on our congested roads or in an over-crowded train. There are solutions.

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Priorities TV Ad

Health reporting in a healthy media

Corruption, cancer and calories. At policy and personal levels health issues rate highly in the media and public debates.  But coverage doesn’t always seem healthy.  Why?

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Distress rising, services falling

As West Australians we pride ourselves on our quality of life.  But new data from the ABS shows psychological distress growing in WA.  Yet health services are being cut and privatised and WA has one of the worst mental health service systems in Australia.  Do something about it here!

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News: How we can afford better services.

News reports that the WA Government may lose its AAA credit rating while prison officers, education and health support staff have rallied for fair pay begs the question: Can we afford better services?

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Privatised health 'corrupt'

The West Australian has revealed that incentive payments for health services have led to unnecessary hospitalisation and there have been allegations in Parliament of 'corrupt' practices.

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WA Auditor: $3.2 Billion projects blowout

Today the WA Auditor General has reported on major capital projects in WA and uncovered a $3.2 billion cost blow-out. 

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Save our services

Ad launch as doctors warn of cut risks

It’s no coincidence that just as Channel 10 News reported on the launch of the new Save Our Services (see here), doctors in WA have warned that Budget cuts to health will put lives at risk.

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